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    Agro Eco – Louis Bolk Institute (AE-LBI) has 25 years of experience in Africa of which almost 20 in Ghana (two offices) supporting, organising smallholder farmers in making their farming more sustainable and developing demand driven value chains for quality, often certified products.

    It has dealt with close to 100 farmer groups and over 30 different products.

    It has a holistic, farm systems approach. It works mainly for the private sector (companies and farmer organisations), secondly development organisations and NGOs, some for international organisations.

    AE-LBI has a strong presence and visibility on the ground in Ghana, directly providing professional services to agricultural value chain operators among others through training and capacity building, organisational support to producer organisations, group certification, digitalised IMS, applied research and market studies, and the improvement of linkages between producers, processors, exporters and importers.

    It develops training materials, trains the trainers and closely monitors the impact of the training cascade on the ground for adjustment.

    It has a system of continued evaluation, identification of bottlenecks, finding solutions, developing new approaches, activities.

    Since some years, working with ever larger groups of farmers it tries to place its work in a (sustainable) landscape perspective.
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