One of the main focus of Agro Eco is to improve on the livelihood of cocoa farmers in Ghana. For the past 15, we have worked together with other benevolent organization to introduce various forms of intervention to improve cocoa farming, make it sustainable and more profitable and attractive.

Rainforest Alliance Sustainable Cocoa program with Whittaker’s

This program involves two cooperatives based in Asankrangwa and Assin Foso in the Western and Central regions of Ghana respectively.

The program supports about 10,000 people in over 40 communities in Ghana to improve their livelihood, community and environment. These cooperatives have been Rainforest Alliance Certified™ for over 10 years.

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West Africa’s agriculture sector has been under pressure to liberalize; most countries have done that and not always with good result.

In Ghana , however, the cocoa board is regulating the cocoa sector. As a result the sector is more table compared with its neighbour producing countries.

On the other side there may be less room for private sector innovation. Agro Eco has been in the forefront by introducing organice cocoa, preparing the way for other certification schemes as well. Buying cocoa from the farmers is done by various Licensed Buying Companies(LBCs), for fixed price. All export is done by the cocoa marking company (CMC), a subsidiary from the cocoa board.

However, for a LBC, it is possible to be engaged in a district or community with an intervention, keep the beans separate and buy back the beans from their community, by creating a traceable chain.

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Ago Eco works with farmers in and around Accra on their vegetable farms. We provide them with advisory services on how to become professional farmers. Farmers are trained on required standards to enable them achieve Green Label certification.

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Agro Eco is an independent advisory organisation based in the Netherlands but with branch offices in various African countries, including in Accra, Ghana, which serves the West African region.

Agro Eco advises the private sector, NGOs, governments and international organisations in the development of niche markets for quality products. It has been active in Africa since 1990 and tens of exporters and ten-thousands of smallholder farmers are profiting from the access achieved to higher paying markets that however set high quality standards.

We provide support for farmer supplier group organisation, conversion planning, technical assistance, research, preparation of grower group certification, quality programmes, market studies and linkages between exporters and importers to advance truly sustainable Agriculture and environment. Farms with a future.