Bridging the Science-Industry Gap to Help Cocoa Farmers Adapt & Thrive

As the prognosis for climate change worsens – with a new UN report calling for immediate global action to avoid catastrophe – the cocoa sector has an unprecedented opportunity to help cocoa farmers to adapt and thrive.

Already, cocoa and chocolate companies are supporting farmers to adopt good agronomic practices that improve their productivity and resilience. The industry and the governments of Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana, and Colombia have entered into an ambitious commitment to eliminate deforestation from the cocoa value chain through the Cocoa & Forests Initiative. To sharpen climate smart cocoa efforts, companies need cutting-edge scientific data that show in detail the projected consequences of climate change in various production regions. The sector also needs practical recommendations about which investments will have the most impact on sustaining cocoa production, while ensuring social and environmental safeguards. Read More

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