About Us

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Mission and Vision

Promote and stimulate organic, sustainable and ethical market chains and rural development through generation and transfer of knowledge and advice in organic and sustainable agriculture, health and nutrition.

Working on

Sustainable cocoa interventions
Women in business and youth teams
Schoolgardens and diversification
Climate adaptation strategies
Shade trees as timber income
Landscape development and PES

Clients and partners
Farmer organisations (COFA, ABOCFA, Tano-Ntobroso FO, iMPACT FO)
Donor organisations (Progreso, Hivos, IFOAM, FAO, SDC)
Research organisations (FiBL, IITA, CIAT, CRIG,WUR, VHL)
NGOs (RA, Utz, SNV, GIZ)
Companies (Ecom, Olam, Mondelez, Touton, Tony’s Chocolonely, Daarnhouwer)