Our strong presence and visibility on the ground, in farmers’ fields in Ghana allows us to directly provide professional services to agricultural value chain operators. Currently these include training and capacity building, organisational support to producer organisations, group certification, digitalised IMS, applied research and market studies, and the improvement of linkages between producers, processors, exporters and importers.

Agro Eco is also your preferred partner for the development of training materials, the training of trainers and close monitoring of the impact of the training cascade on the ground. Over the years, we have developed a unique system of continued evaluation and the identification of bottlenecks frequently leading to innovative solutions, new approaches and tailored activities. One example is our ongoing work with the larger farmer groups to work from a sustainable landscape perspective.

In the 35 years of its operation, Agro Eco has built up a unique capacity and expertise in six core areas:

Project Management
• Proposal writing
• Product and project feasibility studies
• Baseline studies & Impact assessments
• Project and program evaluation

Organic and Sustainable Agriculture
• Training in organic agriculture
• Pest & disease control, botanicals
• Soil fertility management, compost production
• Organic crop protocols and manuals

Assistance towards Certification
• Organic certification procedures
• Other standards like: Global GAP, Fairtrade, HACCP, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ
• Setting up ICS/SIMS, digitalisation

Farmer Organisation
• Small-scale capacity building
• Smallholder group certification
• Smallholders access to the markets
• Farmer Field School approaches

Quality management
• Pre & Post-harvest technologies
• Cold chain handling & management
• Setting up quality management systems

• Market surveys
• Buyer contacts, match making
• Participation in trade shows, organisation of country stands
• Project presentations/ brochures