Limitless Possibilities with Theme Options Panel

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Easy to Use

  • Beautiful Skins
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  • Powerful Admin Panel
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  • Smart Shortcodes
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  • The Help Mode
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  • Child Theme Support
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  • Video TutorialsL
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Why Choose Our Theme?


We put a lot of effort to make sure that working with the 3Clicks Theme will be a great fun for you, as it is for us. You will love the way how easily things can be done, just in few clicks.

We tried to do everything as much intuitive as it only can be. Demo content, theme options and ready to use skins – all to make your work easier.

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[progress_bar value=”25″ icon=”flag” size=”small”]1. Load Demo[/progress_bar]

[progress_bar value=”50″ icon=”crop” size=”small”]2. Customize[/progress_bar]

[progress_bar value=”75″ icon=”umbrella” size=”small”]3. Five-Start Support[/progress_bar]

[progress_bar value=”100″ icon=”magic” size=”small”]4. Design Audit[/progress_bar]


Video Tutorials

We have created multiple video tutorials that quickly and easily walk you through the setup of the 3clicks theme.

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Demo Content

We prepared the XML files so you can easily import our demo content and the theme options in just s few steps.

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Smart Shortcodes

Our shortcodes have built in mechanism recognising names and values aliases so you can use them more efficiently.

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5-Star Support

Need help? Have a question? Ask on our support forum and we will try do our best to help you solve any problem.

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Interesting Facts

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35+ Fancy Shortcodes Included