The business of sustainable agriculture involves nourishing of people, hence there is the need to constantly produce premium quality products to meet the changing quality demands of the market.
With Ghana maintaining its image as a leading producer of the best quality bulk cocoa in the world, we as trainers and service providers are tasked to train our farmers to meet the minimum Quality standards set by Ghana Cocoa Board, aimed to exceed the standards set in the international cocoa market for the trade in Good Fermented Cocoa.

In Agro Eco we train farmers in Pre and Post-harvest technologies to ensure, all cocoa going to the License buying companies (LBCs) meet the Cocoa board’s standards. The need to produce good quality cocoa beans to meet the quality standards of buyers is as important as the need to control pest or apply fertilizer.
The training of FBOs in ICS and IMS ensures the maintenance of internal process quality.

Sun drying of Cocoa beans: the best way to dry cocoa for flavor

Systems are developed by our technical team and documented for implementation with the support of the FBOs. After the end of the project, the FBOs continue to use these systems and process for their daily operations.
For the production of fruits and vegetables farmers are trained in cold chain handling and management to ensure the quality of products are maintained after harvesting. Fruits and vegetables have a short life span and to lengthen their life, it’s important for producers and stakeholders in the value chain to maintain some certain temperature levels to help retain the quality of the produce.